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Industrial Company for Maintenance & Services

EMIPSS specializes in delivering Client-specific solutions and services related to Oil & Gas Pre-Commissioning, Pipeline & Maintenance Projects.
We aims at achieving operational excellence, world-class reliability and safe performance through improved operational efficiency, agile decision-making and leadership development.

Our Mission.

Recognition as provider of best-in-class integrated Services to Oil & Gas Industry that sets benchmarks and continues to surpass them by adhering to ethics, establishing successful partnerships and keeping constant focus on customer satisfaction.

Our Vision.

To be a leading and most trusted Organization in the years to come and to expand range of services and resources, so as to meet customer requirements at competitive prices and in line with health, safety & environment and Quality requirements.

Our Strategy.

  • Consolidation of our existing establishments.
  • Development in new areas.
  • The development of maintenance and service activities.
  • Participation and commitment in terms of partnership.
  • External growth.

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Our Services

Our large portfolio of services in the oil and gas sector provides a considerable scale of option to create a unique package and turnkey solutions in the broader energy market.

Shutdown & Turnaround

Over many years, EMIPSS has built extensive expertise in the shutdown management and execution of a wide variety of plants

Pipeline Services

Our pigging experts help customers identify and repair damaged pipeline, LVS and compressor station infrastructure.

Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning

Combining several of EMIPSS specialty services and years of experience we are able to offer our clients a comprehensive pre-commissioning package under a single contract structure.

Scaffolding Services

EMIPSS can provide scaffold for any phase of your project, regardless of the size and/or scope.

Technical Assistance

We supply technical, operational and managerial professionals to the most successful oil and gas companies.

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